Development of the renewable source of energy has become an area of interest due to increasing power demand and fixed fossil fuels in the universe. To increase efficiency of the renewable source of energy like, hydro power become important. In the present work, adaptive feedforward fuzzy PID controller has been developed for position control of the electrohydraulic actuation turbine IGV system. Electrohydraulic turbine governing systems are superior to the electromechanical governing system due to the high power availability, very good controllability, self lubrication property etc. NACA 0012 aerofoil blade configuration has been considered for the turbine IGV system due to the less lift force which lead to the less effort required to governing action. Low cost proportional valve control electrohydraulic system configuration has been considered. Simulation study has been carried in Matlab Simulink environment. The system IGV position control has been studied for step, sinusoidal and arbitrary position demand.

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