Conventional methods for man-hour evaluation of purchase management include purchase package subtotal method and total purchase price proportion method, etc., however, these methods are limited to effectively analyze the man-hour of the procurement management in complicated industrial projects, such as nuclear power plants. Based on the experience of data collection in several nuclear power plant projects, a novel model for evaluating the equipment procurement management man-hour is proposed based on the Work Breaking-down Structure (WBS) in this paper. The unit standard man-hour for each WBS element is rigorous defined by statistical investigation of the data collection, then a set of specified adjust coefficients are applied to calculate the man-hour of the purchase contract management. The model is then analyzed and verified by a realistic equipment procurement contract, where the calculated results agree well with the practical experience. Moreover, the new model is employed to a nuclear power plant project in progress in China, both the man-hour of the equipment procurement management and the human resource demand are calculated to support the reasonable human resource arrangement for the entire construction period, which plays significant role in price quoting and cost control of procurement in Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) projects. Finally, each result of a single-project obtained base on the new model can be accumulated for evaluating the multi-projects human resource demand and distribution.

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