HPR1000 is a kind of third-generation advanced nuclear technology, which was developed independently by China. It plays an important role in nuclear markets all over the world. For mass construction, besides quality and safety, enhancing process management and construction period optimization should be taken into consideration, such as design interface control in turbine & generator (TG) package, to improve comprehensive competitiveness for HPR1000. The existing Interface Control Manual (ICM) is a good means used to control design interface, however there is no standard model to establish ICMs for HPR1000. Taking the system of condensation water extraction (TFE) for example, after analysis on the design interfaces between TFE and other related systems, a standard design interface module can be built for TFE. Other standard design interface modules can be built in the same way, so the standard ICM for HPR1000 can be formed by combining the standard design interface modules of every system. (CSPE)

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