Effects of the tube array, such as in-line and staggered, on void-fraction distribution and heat transfer coefficient around a tube were experimentally investigated. The test section was vertical duct with inner size of 90 × 90 mm2. Diameter of the tubes was 15 mm, and the pitch-to-diameter ratio was 1.5 for both tube bundles. Working fluids were air and water. Experiments were carried out at superficial gas velocity defined at minimum area section, Jg, of 0.10 to 0.89 m/s, superficial liquid velocity, Jl, of 0.1 to 0.3 m/s, under the atmospheric condition. Measurements of void-fraction distribution were carried out using X-ray radiography. In addition, heat transfer coefficient around a tube was measured and the heat transfer coefficients in association with the flow regime and the void-fraction distribution were evaluated. Time-average void-fraction was higher around upstream of a tube than that of downstream at bubbly flow condition for both bundles. Under intermittent flow condition, time-average void fraction at the maximum gap were higher than that around the other points in both tube bundles. For in-line tube bundle, enhancement of the heat transfer clearly appeared between ±90 to 180°. For staggered tube bundle, the heat transfer increased all over the pipe.

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