Due to the global warming, climate treaty regulations and credits have been enhanced. As a result, the Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) technologies have been emerged. In this study, it is presented that is separating the CO2 from Air by vortex generator. The vortex tube is a device to separate inlet gases to hotter and colder mixture than inlet by energy separation technology. In this study, the vortex tube is applied to CO2 gas separation from air that is investigated under atmospheric temperature. Prior to feasibility experiment, transient response shows that the temperature separation is settled down in 3000 seconds. Experimental parameters of gas separation are pressures and concentrations of CO2 that is mixed with air. Results show that CO2 gas separation is proportional to operating temperature. The percentage of CO2 gas separation is 7.4 % at 3barg and cold mass fraction of 0.6. The gas separation is also affected by inlet CO2 concentration.

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