Global warming is one of the most important topics in power generation field. Wood pellet is carbon neutral fuel and it is expected to reduce CO2 emission from fossil fuel. Recently in Japan, wood pellet is already utilized in many pulverized coal fired boilers in a limited range of a few percent. For the further CO2 emission reduction, high co-firing ratio of wood pellet is expected. The firing system of wood pellet is required to be separated from the coal firing system in the view point of technique, and it is desired to slightly modify the existing coal firing system from the view point of dissemination. IHI developed a wood pellet mill which equipped some devices to the coal mill. By modifying one coal mill in a commercial power plant to the pellet mill, grinding wood pellet was succeeded, and co-firing rate of 25 % was achieved. This paper shows the economic and technical evaluations of wood pellet utilization in coal fired power plant including the impact of lumbering to the forest.

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