For achieving efficient oxy-coal combustion in a MILD (Moderate or Intense Low Oxygen Dilution) state, the optimum operating conditions with high-velocity jets in a lab-scale cylindrical furnace (Φ200mm×2000mm) was determined. The mesoscopic characteristics of turbulent and flame behavior under different jet design and jet spacing were simulated and compared. The results show that L=30∼60mm(O2 side) and L=60mm(O2 center) conditions are recommended as oxy-coal MILD combustion as well as IFRF furnace condition, the flame front locates in distributed regime, the global regime was depict as 1 < l/lF < 4, 60 < ReT < 150 and 50 < Ka < 500 ; for flaming conditions, the flame front locates in small-scale turbulent regime or thin reaction zone, the global regime was depicted as 0.5 < l/lF < 4, 40 < ReT < 110 and 30 < Ka < 900 ; with high-velocity oxygen jet technology, the combustion process is in slow chemistry regime (Da << 1), governed by chemical-kinetic mechanism; large spacing (L=75mm) is not favored for co-flow burners due to poor radial mixing as well as the restriction of wall.

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