The present study deals with a multi-objective optimization problem on design condition. A multi-objective algorithm model is established to weigh up the relationship between coal consumption rate and environmental impact of pollutant. A simulated thermodynamic system model of traditional supercritical coal-fired units coupled with environment protect equipment is designed on the platform of Ebsilon. The environmental impact, which consist of the pollutant emission of NOx, SOx and dust, is acquired with the help of support vector machine (SVM) from the historical record of that power plant. The restriction of pollutant emission in Chinese newly policy is taken into account to determine the weighting factor. By considering energy and environment as the multi-objective, the simulation, which evaluates the solutions by interfacing with the programmed optimization algorithm, is developed. And corresponding total system performance and characteristic of pollutant emission in flue gas is derived. The result show that the performance of system and environment protect equipment will be influenced as boundary conditions changed. Coal consumption around 290g/kWh and 292g/kWh can reach minimum environmental impact in the case of our testing power plant.

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