This article presents the “Why?” to modernize the electrical systems in the six refineries in Mexico, derived that since 1979 there has not built a new refinery, and the primary electrical equipment at each refinery to process fuel requires of imperative upgrading. It also presents the “How?” partial changes are being implemented in some refineries such as replacing electrical equipment in the short-term and implementation of new distribution systems in the long term. Also, it comes in “Where?” They are making the necessary changes including the integration of new electrical generators to supply the energy deficit. The state of the art in operational reliability today in Mexico is presented as part of a projection to fulfill the following objectives: a) optimize the security of personnel integration of new electrical equipment meeting international standards, b) Contribute the least damage to the primary electrical equipment in each refinery and c) allow tangible service continuity in the process of oil production. The result of this work is to show conditions change in Mexican refineries with an electric approach and culture in the safety of staff and the facilities themselves.

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