Diagnostics of large size combined-cycle power plant components (such as: Gas Turbine, HRSG, Steam Turbine and Condenser) plays a significant role in improving power plant performance, availability, reliability and maintenance scheduling. In order to prevent various faults in cycle operation and as a result a reliability reduction, special monitoring and diagnostic techniques is required, for engineering analysis and utility production management.

In this sense an on-line supervision system has developed and implemented for 370 MW combined-cycle. The advanced diagnostic methodology is based on a comparison between actual and target conditions. The actual conditions are calculated using data set acquired continuously from the power plant acquisition system. The target conditions are calculated either as a defined actual best operation (Manufacturer heat balances) or by means of a physical model that reproduces boiler and plant performance at off-design. Both sets of data are then compared to find the reason of performance deviation and then used to monitor plant degradation, to support plant maintenance and to assist on-line troubleshooting. The performance calculation module provides a complete Gas Turbine, HRSG and Steam Turbine island heat balance and operating parameters. This paper describes a study where an on-line performance monitoring tool was employed for continuously evaluating power plant performance. The methodology developed and summarized herein has been successfully applied to large size 360–370 MW combined cycles based on GE and Siemens Gas Turbines, showing good capabilities in estimating the degradation of the main equipment during plant lifetime. Consequently, it is a useful tool for power plant operation and maintenance.

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