Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) is a gasification process that is used to produce syngas from variety of fossil fuels, including coal, biomass, organic waste, and refinery residual. It contains variable composition of CO and H2. Because of its wide fuel flexibility, the syngas is considered as most effective fuel particularly for power generation purposes. These types of high hydrogen content fuel faces a great difficulty to lower the NOx emission due to its high flame speed, low ignition energy can cause flashback. This paper is focused on the syngas combustion along with the NOx emissions for different equivalence ratios for a multi-tube injector inside a gas turbine combustion chamber. This paper describes the numerical study of the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for perfectly premixed combustion using CFD combustion modeling. In this study CO+H2 is mixed with air in lean equivalence ratio. The CFD Eddy Dissipation model is used to study the perfectly premixed combustion. Commercial software ANSYS Fluent has been used for CFD analysis. The Eddy Dissipation model is best for turbulent flows when the chemical reaction rate is fast relative to the transport processes in the flow. There is no kinetic control of the reaction process. The Eddy Dissipation model is sufficient enough for the combustion process if air and fuel is available in a control volume.

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