Why do we certify welders but require no evidence of training or competence from those performing the critical bolted flanged joint assembly of pressure vessels and piping throughout the same industries? To remedy this situation ASME has recently released the first comprehensive standard in ASME PCC-1-2013 Appendix A that establishes uniform criteria, not just for the quality of the bolted joints but for the workers who assemble them. To support this critical training and qualification standard, ASME Training & Development has created a unique blended learning program for pipe fitters and mechanics to become Qualified Bolting Specialists (QBS), per the requirements outlined in PCC-1-2013 Appendix A.

The purpose of this technical presentation is to explain the opportunities presented by this new standard and how industry can benefit from a better-trained work force in this critical area of bolted joint assembly. The authors have been integrally involved in the development of both the PCC-1 guideline document, and the ASME qualification program, and can authoritatively answer industry’s questions.

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