This paper aims to enhance the thermal performance of an industrial shell-and-tube heat exchanger utilized for the purpose of cooling raw natural gas by means of mixture of Sales gas. The main objective of this work is to provide an optimum and reliable thermal design of a single-shelled finned tubes heat exchanger to replace the existing two- shell and tube heat exchanger due to the space limitations in the plant. A comprehensive thermal model was developed using the effectiveness-NTU method. The shell-side and tube-side overall heat transfer coefficient were determined using Bell-Delaware method and Dittus-Boelter correlation, respectively. The obtained results showed that the required area to provide a thermal duty of 1.4 MW is about 1132 m2 with tube-side and shell-side heat transfer coefficients of 950 W/m2K and 495 W/m2K, respectively. In order to verify the obtained results generated from the mathematical model, a numerical study was carried out using HTRI software which showed a good match in terms of the heat transfer area and the tube-side heat transfer coefficient.

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