Numerical examination of acid gas pyrolysis is presented with a focus to determine optimum condition for producing both sulfur and syngas that can be used in industry at high conversion efficiency of acid gas. Detailed simulation of acid gas to produce sulfur and syngas is presented that provides the feasibility of establishing plausible reactor conditions for such a recovery. This is a much different approach of producing thermal energy and sulfur. The results revealed that only pyrolysis of specific acid gas composition leads to the production of syngas and that temperature plays an important role in the conversion process. The simulation results provided here reveal the role of acid gas composition on high sulfur and syngas recovery under different operational conditions of the reactor with minimal adverse effect on the environment. The produced syngas can be utilized to enhance energy generation or produce valuable chemicals. The operational conditions provide means to seek different composition of the syngas. The syngas can then be used to produce value added products or liquid fuels. Detailed results under various input and operational conditions of the reactor are presented in the paper.

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