Fossil fuels are continuously depleting while the global energy demand is growing at a fast rate. Additionally, fossil fuels based power plants contribute to environmental pollution. Search for alternate energy resources and use of industrial waste heat for power production are attractive topics of interest these days. One way of enhancing power production and decreasing the environmental impact is by recuperating and utilizing low grade thermal energy. In recent years, research on use of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) has gained popularity as a promising technology for conversion of heat into useful work or electricity. Due to simple structure of ORC system, it can be easily integrated with any energy source like geothermal energy, solar energy and waste heat. A computer program has been developed in engineering equation solver (EES) environment that analyzes and selects appropriate working fluid for organic Rankine cycle design based on available heat sources. For a given heat source, the program compares energy and exergy performance of various working fluids. The program also includes recuperator performance analysis and compares its effectiveness on the overall thermal performance of the Rankine cycle. This program can assist in preliminary design of ORC with respect to best performing refrigerant fluid selection for the given low temperature heat source.

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