Discharge coefficients for three flow nozzles based on ASME PTC 6 are measured under many flow conditions at AIST, NMIJ and PTB. The uncertainty of the measurements is from 0.04% to 0.1% and the Reynolds number range is from 1.3×105 to 1.4×107. The discharge coefficients obtained by these experiments is not exactly consistent to one given by PTC 6 for all examined Reynolds number range. The discharge coefficient is influenced by the size of tap diameter even if at the lower Reynolds number region. Experimental results for the tap of 5 mm and 6 mm diameter do not satisfy the requirements based on the validation procedures and the criteria given by PTC 6. The limit of the size of tap diameter determined in PTC 6 is inconsistent with the validation check procedures of the calibration result. An enhanced methodology including the term of the tap diameter is recommended. Otherwise, it is recommended that the calibration test should be performed at as high Reynolds number as possible and the size of tap diameter is desirable to be as small as possible to obtain the discharge coefficient with high accuracy.

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