Hydraulic systems are characterized by their ability to import large forces at high speeds and are used in many industrial motion systems, also, in applications where good dynamic performance is important. This research concentrates on static and dynamic performance of a linear hydraulic system under different operating conditions in case of connecting an Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve (EHSV) and a Proportional Directional Flow Control Valve (PDFCV). High technology is used for measuring and recording the experimental results which achieves accurate evaluations. Experiments have been conducted in case of no-load and under load 5560 N. Supply pressure has been changed from 10 up to 50 bar. Effect of pressure and load variation on hydraulic system performance has been studied. It is concluded that increasing the load decreases the bandwidth frequency, but increasing the supply pressure increases the bandwidth frequency. Comparing the time lag of the system considering connecting the (EHSV) with that in case of connecting (PDFCV), it’s observed that in the present investigation the time lag improves by about 86.4% in case of free-load and by about 95.3% in case of system loaded.

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