Renewable energy has become a promising solution to substitute fossil fuels in power generation. In particular, the use of solar energy is stretched to a wide range of applications, e.g. photovoltaic cells, solar water heaters, solar space heating, solar thermal plants. However, the combination of solar energy with the Rankine cycle is limited to few applications only. In this context, this study aims in investigating the practicality of employing solar heaters to operate a Rankine cycle for small scale power generation. The working fluid in this study is refrigerant R-134a. Sizing and calculations of the various components of the system are carried out based on a net output power of 1 kW. In comparison with available electricity sources in Lebanon, it was found that the proposed system is currently more expensive than public electricity. However, it can compete with private generators that currently fill the gap in electricity shortage. The main advantage herein lies in the friendly environmental load due to the absence of combustion gases.

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