Pakistan has a hydro potential of approximately 42,000MW; however only 7,000MW is being utilized for electrical power production [1, 2]. Out of 42,000 MW, micro hydro potential is about 1,300MW [1, 2]. For typical site conditions (available flow rate and head) in Pakistan, Cross Flow Turbines (CFTs) are best suited for medium head 5–150m [3] for micro-hydro power production. The design of CFT generally includes details of; the diameter of the CFT runner, number of blades, radius of curvature and diameter ratio. This paper discusses the design of various CFTs for typical Pakistan site conditions in order to standardize the design of CFTs based on efficiency that is best suited for a given site conditions. The turbine efficiency as a function of specific speed will provide a guide for cross flow turbine selection based on standardized turbine for manufacturing purposes. Standardization of CFT design will not only facilitate manufacturing of CFT based on the available site conditions with high turbine efficiency but also result in reduced manufacturing cost.

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