Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can generate electricity. When there is much solar radiation, there is not always a need for all the energy from the solar, and when the weather is cloudy there may be too little energy to meet demand. Thus, it is often wise to implement energy storage in systems with a large share of renewable energy. Latent heat storage is one of the most efficient ways of storing thermal energy. Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate (Glauber’s salt) has a larger energy storage density and a higher thermal conductivity. So the present work, built solar chimney power plant of 2m-radius of collector and a 4m chimney height integrated by phase change materials. Aim of designing and building solar chimney to estimate the effect of adding phase change materials as well as to examine the effect of inclination angle (16°, 8°). The results show that maximum temperature difference between collector exit and the ambient reached to 23.7°C for case (i) and for 17.7°C case (ii), the maximum air velocity reached 2.25 m/s that in case (ii) and reached 2.05 m/s in case (i).and maximum collector efficiency can be reached to 8.925% in case (ii).

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