The Pressurized Fluidized Circulating Bed (PFCB) combined cycle was simulated. The simulations balance the energy between the elements of the unit, which consists of gas turbine cycle and steam turbine cycle. The PFCB is used as a combustor and steam generator at the same time. The simulations were carried out for PFCB combined cycle plant for two cases. In the first case, the simulations were performed for combined cycle with reheat in the steam turbine cycle. While in the second case, the simulations were carried out for the PFCB combined cycle with extra combustor and steam turbine cycle with reheat. For both cases, the effect of steam inlet pressure on the combined cycle efficiency was predicted. It was found that increasing of steam pressure results in increase in the combined cycle thermal efficiency. The effect of the inlet flue gases temperature on the gas turbine and on the combined cycle efficiencies was also predicted. The maximum PFCB combined cycle efficiency occurs at a compression ratio of 18, which is the case of utilizing an extra combustor. The simulations were carried out for only one fuel composition and for a compression ratio ranges between 1 to 40.

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