Iceland relies greatly on geothermal energy, for electricity, district heating and industrial activities. It is therefore of great importance that the maintenance on site is carried out quite successfully to minimize down time. Reykjavik Energy is the largest energy company in Iceland utilizing geothermal energy. The company operates two cogenerating geothermal power plants, Hellisheidi (303 MWe and 133 MWt) and Nesjavellir (120 MWe and 300 MWt). In this study we investigate the development of the wellhead maintenance at the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. We look at the maintenance recommendations provided to on-site employees and how maintenance procedures have developed since the power plant began its operations. We investigate real data retrospectively and use it to calculate expected waiting times between repairs. The result is a maintenance model based on the observed and statistically analyzed data provided by the power company on the maintenance procedures. Such model should prove of great significance to other geothermal power plants in the early stages of planning the wellhead maintenance.

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