This research investigation is focused on providing system performance under different operating conditions, with special focus on variations in the supply pressure. The investigations have been carried out for different system designs. The analysis of the results introduces the effect of system designs on its static and dynamic performance. Also, the investigations provide the effect of variations of system operating conditions and load value. A hydraulic system has been designed with variable velocity, pressure and load. The detailed examination has been carried out on a system that consists of a hydraulic power supply unit, control valves (pressure control valve, flow control valve, throttle valve and directional control valve). We have investigated the effect of adding a flow control valve (FCV) in the chosen circuit and also replacing the FCV with a proportional flow control valve (PFCV). In order to study the effect of this valve on system performance we examine the role of change of operating conditions and loading values on the system performance. Thus the displacement and speed of the piston of the hydraulic cylinder has been experimented under different values of supply pressure, flow rate, and load. We make this investigation to develop the performance evaluation by replacing the (FCV) by proportional flow control valve (PFCV) via position control so that one can achieve the static and dynamic performance of the system more accurate. Apparent improvement in flow rate ranges from 8% to 29.5% and dynamic response from 30 to 64%. The results reveal that this methodology allows one to achieve high quality of the product.

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