The design of a dual shell or a dual pressure condenser employed in a coal fired plant is different from that in a combined cycle plant. The coal fired plant dual pressure condenser is equipped with feedwater heaters in the condenser neck, extraction piping, an external flash tank and a large number of vents and drains. Dual shell or dual pressure condenser in a combined cycle plant does not include feedwater heaters in the condenser neck and the related extraction piping. There is no external flash tank and the number of vents and drains are minimal. Combined cycle plants have a higher steam flowrate, are required to operate in bypass mode and in certain instances have high make up water flowrate. Apart from the above major differences there are a number of minor differences that must be accounted and addressed when converting a coal fired plant dual shell or dual pressure condenser into a combined cycle plant condenser.

This paper highlights the major and minor differences in the design, construction and operation of dual shell or dual pressure condenser operating in a coal fired plants and combined cycle plant. The modifications required to convert the condenser from coal fired application to combined cycle application are discussed. Precautions to be followed in operating the condenser in the new role are addressed.

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