A gasketed plate heat exchanger that has a seal pressure of 6.5 MPa or more has been developed. This heat exchanger can be applied to heat exchangers (design temperature: 182°C, design pressure: 3.43 MPa) for the residual heat removal (RHR) systems of boiling water reactors (BWR).

Practical use of gasketed plate heat exchangers under the condition of higher temperature and higher pressure has been achieved by developing a high-pressure-retaining plate and frame, as well as a heat- and radiation-resistant gasket. Various element tests related to strength and performance were conducted in the process of this development. A verification test using a prototype heat exchanger was also conducted, and pressure resistance, heat resistance, radiation resistance, endurance against thermal transients, and heat transfer performance have been confirmed.

As a result of this development, gasketed plate heat exchangers can be applied for use under the condition of higher temperature and higher pressure, and various effects such as lower system flow, smaller footprint, easier maintenance, and lower cost for weld inspection are expected, compared to conventional shell & tube heat exchangers.

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