The purpose of this presentation is to qualify a method of continuously and efficiently burning “dirty” solid fuels. Thus, the fuel cost is reduced and a significant savings is realized.

Looking back on the many years of burning coal, a Preparation Plant was always involved in its supply. The delivered price took into account the extra cost for cleaning the 2″ × 0 “steam coal”.

Following a request issued by the DOE in Illinois, Kinergy aligned with Riley Power in Massachusetts to develop an improved Vibrating Stoker Grate. Delivered in 2006, and “started up” in 2007, it has been in productive use for about 5 years.

One of the most significant gains was the successful, continuous burning of “Run of Mine” (ROM) Coal. If this so-called “dirty” coal can be burned, then most of the cleaning done by a “Prep Plant” can be set aside, which is said to lower the cost of the coal by at least 35%.

Further, other “dirty” solid fuels derived from waste, such as wood bark, shredded rubber tires, municipal solid waste (MSW and RDF) can also be burned. Usually the Power Plant is paid to accept these waste fuels.

The maintenance of this Vibrating Stoker Grate is minimal and its productive availability is about 95%. Thus, it deserves attention.

To observe the Vibrating Stoker Grate that successfully burns ROM Coal, it is located in the southern part of Illinois.

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