Based on the single blow technique, experimental research was conducted for the performance of heat transfer and flow drop for six test cores with cross corrugated (CC) or corrugated undulated (CU) primary surfaces for different geometries. After the mathematical model was established for heat transfer under the condition of single blow, a matching numerical solution was obtained for different NTU. The correlations of hear transfer factor j and friction factor f were obtained for three types of cross corrugated primary surfaces (crossed angle 45∼75°) with a range of Re = 120∼800 and three types of corrugated undulated primary surfaces (crossed angle 52.5∼67.5°) with a range of Re = 200∼1200. Hydraulic diameters of all heat transfer surfaces are from 1.2∼1.48mm. Analysis on the flow and heat transfer for cross corrugated and corrugated undulated primary surfaces was made based on the comprehensive evaluating factor j/f. The experimental results were compared to references with good consistency. The regressive errors of correlations were less than 16%.

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