This paper describes the wind direction characteristics of the wind collector used for our 8th model of the vertical axis wind turbine using the mechanism of a bird’s wing. The 8th model is divided into two sections top and bottom. Each section looks like a Savonius wind turbine. The blade is divided into seven rows of plates. Each 0.18mm stainless plate has only one side attached to the frame. Wind from the outside enlarges the space between the blades, and passes through. However, wind from the inside closes the space. In the wind collector, four wind collection boards are located every 90 degrees around this wind turbine. In an earlier paper, it was confirmed that these collection boards collected 1.6 times the wind and resulted in twice the output. In this paper, the variations in the wind collector characteristics due to the wind direction are clarified experimentally. A wind tunnel experiment using six different wind directions shows that the output increases for four wind directions and decreases for one wind direction. Additionally, the computer simulation confirms the wind direction and the wind speed distribution around the wind turbine when the wind collection boards are in place.

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