Variety researches and developments have been performed in order to decrease the emission of carbon dioxides as known of major cause on global warming. The SMART study group has proposed a concept of the solution for the low carbon dioxides emission and the disaster-proof community cooperating with industries, academics and municipal offices. This concept is based on the distributed energy network as known as SMART grid technology proposed in 2004. The system consists of the micro-grid system with distributed energy and IT network securing the power supply apart from the power utility in case of emergency and disasters. The proposed SMART system has major three functions. The first is to provide the ability to use the renewable energy generated in the local community. The renewable energy is most expected one but the output is too fluctuating to use usually. The second is to provide the tools to cooperate with citizens. The advanced demand-side control can contribute to save the energy. The third is to prepare for the disaster as mentioned above.

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