The circumferential inflow air distributing rules on the bottom of wet cooling tower are studied by thermal state model experiment under crosswind conditions. Researches showed the axisymmetric distribution of circumferential inlet wind is destroyed under crosswind conditions. And this phenomenon is very obvious when environmental crosswind velocity is more than 0.2m/s. Compared with windless conditions, when environmental wind velocity is about 0.4m/s, the circumferential inlet wind velocity in windward side is about 1.8 times of windless conditions, but the circumferential inlet wind velocity in leeward side is about 0.3 times of windless conditions. Thus, the environmental crosswind affects airflow rate entering into the cooling tower, and deteriorating the heat and mass transfer performance. In addition, the relationship of air gravity wind velocity and crosswind is received that can be acted as the theoretical basis of deep research.

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