The efficient handling of coal on belt conveyors is essential to coal-fired power plants. The conveying of coal is prone to problems including the escape of spillage and airborne dust. These problems lead to excessive, expensive, and sometimes hazardous maintenance requirements. The failure to provide this essential maintenance leads to more fugitive material and more problems in material handling. The key to efficient conveyors are the implementation of advanced systems to improve performance and prevent fugitive material including dust, combined with the training of plant personnel in the operation and maintenance of these sophisticated systems. This presentation looks at “new generation” conveyor architecture that combines better control of fugitive material with improved serviceability and increased employee safety. These systems feature engineered chutes that channel the material stream to reduce the entrainment of air into the material flow, and so minimize the release of dust. And this next generation system feature a modern architecture with improved belt support and sealing systems that reduce maintenance requirements and allow maintenance work to be performed from safely outside enclosures and away from moving parts. An important consideration in these advanced systems is the training of plant personnel on the operations and maintenance of these systems. This presentation will also consider this essential training, and propose several methods to achieve these training requirements.

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