With the increasement of pulverized coal utility boiler capacity, whether increasing the single burner heat power or not has not been confirmed. The mathematic model of realizable k-ε and discrete particle model (DPM) are used to describe the gas and solid phase flowing. The P-1 radiation model and the probability density function (PDF) model are utilized to solve radiation heat transfer and heat chemical calculation. The calculation results display the detailed aerodynamics field and temperature distribution in 600MW utility boiler which satisfies with actual operation conditions. The burners and OFA effectively organize the aerodynamic field in boiler. Pulverized coal starts burning after a short time away from spouts. Through discussing ignition distance, fuel conversion, NOx emission, outlet velocity and temperature, and hot corrosion tendency, it is found that burner single power obviously affected ignition distance and hot corrosion. The condition of furnace with 48 burners installed in 600MW boiler is considered having a better performance.

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