Inlet air filtration systems are essential components for any power plant based on gas turbines, because poor air quality can significantly impact the operation and performance of the gas turbine. But higher pressure losses due to the filtration system have a negative impact to the power plant performance. In this paper, the field experience with a typical inlet air filtration system for a modern 100MW (electric) combined cycle cogeneration power plant (called “HKW Hafen”, Muenster, Germany) is discussed. The long-term observations demonstrated clearly the importance of the filtration system. A poor filtration performance was found for the initial system, and a re-design was initiated. With regard to this task, the use of computer-aided engineering tools (CAE) has proven its reliability. This approach enables an efficient tool for searching customized solutions for a specific power plant with a high confidence level. It was found that frequently used guidelines and supplier information are not completely sufficient for precise cost saving calculations.

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