Two-dimensional unsteady laminar flow over a circular cylinder with an attached splitter plate was investigated numerically. To see the effect of the splitter plate length and inclination angle on the pressure distributions and vortex shedding, numerical simulations were done for moderate Reynolds numbers ranging from 100 to 500 in two different splitter plate lengths (1 and 2 diameters), and the angles between splitter plate and wake centerline was changed from 0 to 45 deg. Results indicate that the wake structure and length are dependent on the inclination angle of splitter plate. Near wake length is almost unchanged when θ>25 deg. On the other hand, circular cylinder’s drag coefficient is distinctly affected by the position of vortex. And significant local peaks of the RMS lift coefficient are obtained at θ=15 deg and 5 deg for L=1D and 2D respectively. The lift force is in one direction when the inclination angle is over a critical value. In addition, the non-dimensional Strouhal number representing the vortex shedding frequency characteristics varies as a function of the angle and has peak values at θ=20 and 5 deg for L=1D and 2D respectively. And the longer splitter plate causes more decrease in the Strouhal number for θ>15 deg.

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