Blended-coal-firing is an effective method to reduce pollutant emissions and increase boiler efficiency when lack of designed coals. In order to improve the technical level of coal blending, a intelligent decision system of whole coal-utilizing process was developed in this work. For the entire life course of coals in power plant, this system could provide automated decisions for coal stacking, coal blending, taking coal, pulverizing and combustion optimization, and built a platform for information management and coal dispatching.The database and expert system theories were bases of the system, while the optimize blending theory and intelligent multi-objective optimization were the core algorithm. To make the boiler operation safety, economic and environmental was the ultimate goal. During the development of system, a technique of dynamic monitoring of coal bunker and a two-level coal blending optimization method were proposed, which could provide feasible solutions for accurate blending and the entire process tracking of coals. After the completion of system, in December 2009, it was installed and running in the Guangdong Red Bay power plant which equipped 600MW boiler. The software can help improving the efficiency and decision-making level of coal blending work, enhancing the boiler’s full load capacity of stable combustion, and reducing emissions. It has achieved good economic and social benefits until now.

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