The authors develop a small and simple steam-reforming reactor in a home-use size for n-dodecane as a heavy-hydrocarbons fuel. Under the thermal condition controlled by electric heaters and a gas burner with a thermal diffuser, the authors measure the inside-temperature profile and the hydrogen-molecule ratio (concentration) RH2, together with the molecule ratios RCH4, RCO and RCO2 of other main gas components such as CH4, CO and CO2, respectively. Besides, the authors conduct numerical simulations based on a thermal-equilibrium theory, in addition to experiments. As a result, the authors successfully achieve suitable inside-temperature profiles. And, the effects of the liquid-hourly-space velocity LHSV upon RH2, RCH4, RCO and RCO2 are shown, experimentally. For LHSV ≤ 1, the experimental results agree well with the thermal equilibrium theory. This is in consistent with high conversion ratio XC12H26 ≳ 80%. Furthermore, the authors reveal the effects of the temperature T inside the reactor upon the molecule ratios, comparing with the thermal-equilibrium theory.

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