In the proposed paper for this conference, three typical mixtures of H2, CO, CH4, CO2 and N2 have been considered as representative of the producer gas (syngas) resulting from biomass gasification. Syngas is being recognized worldwide as a viable energy source, particularly for stationary power generation. However, there are gaps in the fundamental understanding of syngas combustion characteristics, particularly at elevated pressures that are relevant to practical combustors. In this work, constant volume spherical expanding flames of three typical syngas compositions have been employed to measure the laminar burning velocity for pressures ranges between 1.0 and 20 bar. Over the ranges studied, the burning velocities are fitted by the functional formula of Metghalchi and Keck. Conclusion can be drawn that the burning velocity decreases with the increase of pressure. In opposite, the increase of temperature induces the increase of burning velocity. The higher burning velocity value is obtained for the downdraft syngas. This result is endorsed to the higher heat value, lower dilution and higher volume percentage of hydrogen in the downdraft syngas.

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