Gas turbines in combined cycle (CC) power plants, in phased construction situations, usually operate for several months in the simple cycle (SC) mode while the steam portion of the plant is being constructed. At the time of commissioning the combined cycle phase, the gas turbines typically have accumulated a considerable number of operating hours and have possibly experienced some degradation, especially on turbines that have run on dual fuels. To determine the combined cycle new and clean performance, it is necessary to employ a phased testing approach. The phased testing approach involves testing the gas turbines when they are in new and clean condition and combining those results with the measured new and clean steam turbine cycle performance. The method of the phased testing has been introduced in ASME PTC 46 (1996) “Performance Test Code on Overall Plant Performance”. This paper will discuss in detail the test protocol, fundamental equations, corrections, and uncertainty analysis of phased testing. This paper will also discuss performance degradation and engine setting changes between the phases.

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