The two-floor flow passages pumping system with the simple structure is well practical in the Basin of Yangzi River downstream. However, this kind of pumping system has some disadvantages, such as low efficiency, easy to appear submerse vortex in discharge flow passages which causes the unit vibration and does harm to the operating of pump unit. In order to solve these problems, the design scheme with a new curve of diffusing outlet structure and inlet cone put forward, which are used in the renovation of the two-floor flow passages pumping station. With the numerical simulation of the two-floor flow passages pumping system, the flow fields are analyzed, and the external performance curves are obtained. To verify the calculation, a model tests were done using the standard model of pump. The test results are compared with the performance curves of numerical simulation. Good agreement of two results is found in the high efficiency area, which can show the calculation is believable. The new design improves the efficiency of pumping system significantly and eliminates the submerse vortex, also can guarantees the economy and security of operating.

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