Retrofitting existing power generation plants by repowering is becoming an attractive option to improve plant performance with less cost. “Hot Windbox Repowering” involves utilizing the hot exhaust gas from a combustion gas turbine and using it as combustion air for an existing fossil-fuel boiler. “Combined Cycle Repowering” or “Full Repowering” involves completely replacing the existing boiler with a combined cycle consisting of a gas turbine(s) and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The existing steam turbine will be used in both repowering scenarios. This paper discusses an engineering study and summarizes the results obtained from repowering an existing heavy-oil / natural gas fired steam power plant in the north east of the United States. The plant consists of a 600 MW boiler and steam turbine. Several engineering studies were considered and evaluated thermodynamically and economically to retrofit such plant. Several options were considered involving different gas turbines, gas turbine combinations, and different repowering methods. The best option is based on retrofitting the unit by a combination of both, hot windbox repowering and combined cycle repowering. The proposed design consists of one gas turbine repowering the windbox of the existing boiler, and a second gas turbine operating in a separate combined cycle configuration with the generated superheated steam tying into the main steam line and expanding in the existing steam turbine. Several heat balances were developed to assist in obtaining meaningful results for this feasibility study. Actual costs were obtained for the gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), as well as installation costs for a more accurate evaluation. The results indicate that the combined output of the repowered unit will generate an additional 295 MW and reduce the heat rate by more than 11 percent at full load and annual average ambient conditions. The estimated capital cost of the project is expected to range from $235 to $245 millions.

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