New method of creep life prediction by Strain-Acceleration-Parameter, SAP, is presented. Sato has found that shapes of creep curves can be characterized by the SAP that reflects magnitude of strain-rate change in secondary creep [1–4]. The SAP values are defined at minimum creep rates, and show the shapes of a creep curve, that depends on stress and temperature. Reconstruction of creep curves by a combination of SAP and a minimum-creep rate is successfully performed, and the extrapolated curves agree well with experiment. The predicted life times also reasonably agree with that obtained by experiment. The possibility of precise life prediction by SAP is pronounced. One of an important advantage of the proposed method is that the required parameters evaluated by individual creep curve are simpler than that are used in methods previously proposed, i.e., the theta projection concept, for example. Possibilities of wide application on many kinds of heat resistant materials should be investigated with the method of SAP.

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