The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine was launched in 1997 and is now a proven and mature product in the market place for both power generation and mechanical drive applications. Rated at a nominal power of 12.9MW (electrical) and 13.4MW (shaft), this gas turbine has achieved sales of more than 180 units and exceeded 1,300,000 fleet operational hours. The natural progression for the SGT-400 was to build on this experience by developing a power enhancement from the current rating to a 15MW class of engine. This paper describes the key design features of the power enhancement along with the steps taken to validate the product in a risk controlled manner. Existing proven product design complemented by new technological advancements has enabled a 12% increase in gross power output for the core engine. The latest design tools and methods result in a 15MW engine offering the highest efficiency in its class. The design upgrades to the existing gas turbine are predominantly in the compressor section which has been given an increased inlet annulus area to accommodate the extra massflow through the core. The 15MW gas turbine core maintains common interfaces with the package as the current rating, so can be retrofitted in earlier installations if required.

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