The handling of coal is prone to problems including fugitive materials and flammable dusts. Now OSHA is increasing its attention to accumulations of flammable dusts in industrial plants. And other regulatory agencies are watching particulate emissions more carefully with an eye to environmental compliance and employee safety. It is therefore incumbent for plants to find ways to move materials without the problems that non-compliance with these regulatory agencies could create. Now there are a number of leading edge conveyor technologies that can help. These advanced systems are engineered to control material flow, and to prevent the escape of dust and the accumulation of fugitive material. Among these technologies are: engineered chutes, air-supported conveyors, and a “new generation” conveyor architecture. With their “engineered-in” methods for controlling fugitive material and improving employee safety, these world-class belt conveyor systems offer power generation facilities the best chance to successfully face the challenges of coal handling in a challenging 21st century regulatory environment.

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