Under Section III, the ASME Special Working Group on Plastic Pipe is developing revisions to Code Case N-755 Use of Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe, Sections III, Division I and IX to better specify high performance PE4710 polyethylene source materials and polyethylene materials (pipe and flanges) for use in Section III, Division I, Class 3 buried piping systems. The specification is being developed as a Mandatory Appendix IV for inclusion as part of a revision to Code Case N-755. The intent is for Mandatory Appendix IV to serve as procurement and material specifications for PE4710 polyethylene piping for Class 3 nuclear power plant essential safety systems. The proposed Mandatory Appendix IV specification is performance-based and identifies performance properties and minimum performance values for PE4710 polyethylene compounds (polyethylene source materials) and PE4710 polyethylene materials (polyethylene pipe and flange adapters) manufactured from them. The Mandatory Appendix IV specification addresses pre-processing material forms, processing requirements, and post-processing material verification. This paper reveals the design of the specification and how its various components and aspects correlate to assure product performance including crack growth resistance, and ambient and elevated temperature performance.

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