Temperature is one of the most widely measured parameters in a power plant. Temperature is monitored and also used for control in some areas. The paper covers some of the basics of Temperature measurement, and leads into some of the technical advances that impart higher a degree of safety and reliability to power plant operation. These advances are based on some of the latest and innovative technologies that are being implemented in process instrumentation. Irrespective of the type of power plant (coal-fired, Oil or gas based), temperature measurement remains high on the list for operational excellence throughout the plant. Implementation of some of the new technologies results in improved Safety and lower installation and maintenance costs. Incorrect measurement information due to temperature effects, non linearity or stability can result in major equipment getting damaged. Ensuring instruments that have minimal downtime from a maintenance standpoint, not just devices that have been evaluated to provide Safety Integrity Level service in Safety Instrumented Systems, is crucial for daily operations in a power plant.

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