The trend to use heavy crude oil in gas turbine power generation plants is the driver to develop and offer more effective chemical solutions to this particular market. Due to increased use of new heavy opportunity crude oils in these applications, there is a continuous need to improve and optimize the chemical programs implemented to minimize corrosion induced by vanadium. In addition to their anticorrosive function (to avoid the formation of V2O5 corrosive species), the additive chemistry for this application must be stable in the presence of water, acids, and a CO2 environment. Furthermore, it needs to minimize deposit formation, either organic or inorganic in nature, on the pre- and post-combustion equipment to maintain high conversion efficiencies, reduce the need for cleaning, and avoid damage. This paper presents a new chemical product that offers excellent corrosion inhibition and superior water tolerance. The new additive is designed to inhibit vanadium induced corrosion and ash fouling. The product is robust and can be applied to multiple applications and has a broad spectrum of use.

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