Siemens Power Generation has recently completed a number of first time applications of Steam Turbine modernizations on its OEM fleet. This paper will discuss the R&D approach taken in developing these first-time solutions to help achieve and focus on case studies of completed projects that demonstrate the end result of this approach. Projects planned to be discussed are modernizations implemented in the last year (2007–2008) of a VHP/HP turbine steam path replacement, a full element HP/IP replacement, and applications on large fossil LP turbine replacements. Current industry challenges that will be discussed include resource constraints in engineering, material supply chain, and factory delivery slots that are escalating prices and increasing delivery times of replacement turbine equipment. Some of the actions the author’s company is taking to mitigate these issues, such as gaining earlier commitments, use of material indices, and others will be discussed to help utilities looking at undertaking a turbine modernization gain a better insight into vendor challenges.

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