Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) operates a coal-fired electrical production power plant located thirty miles from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility contains two primary turbine-generators, referred to as Unit 1 and Unit 2. Each unit consists of a coal combustion boiler, a steam turbine, an electric generator, pollution control equipment, and auxiliary support equipment. Total maximum facility generating capacity for this plant is 1010 megawatts. ALSTOM Power was awarded a contract by GRDA to upgrade the obsolete control system for its Unit 2 turbine-generator during the fall 2007 outage. The scope included new steam turbine valves actuators, a 3-channel hydraulic safety system, electronic turbine control and protection systems, and a generator automatic voltage regulator, along with associated services and on-site training. Demolition, installation, commissioning and all performance tests had to be completed during a short 3-weeks schedule. The project is now complete; an obsolete control system was replaced with a more efficient, state-of-the-art control system. This paper will discuss and document details concerning this modernization control system.

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