The disturbance of electric power system makes large-scale turbine-generator shafts generate torsional vibration. A available method to restrain the torsional vibration of turbine-generator shafts is that all the natural frequencies of torsional vibration of turbine-generator shafts must keep away from the working frequency and its harmonic frequencies as well as all the frequencies that possibly bring on interaction between turbine-generator and electric power system so that the torsional resonation of shafts may not occur. A dynamic design method for natural frequencies of torsional vibration of rotor system based on sensitivity analysis is presented. The sensitivities of natural frequency of torsional vibration to structure parameters of rotor system are obtained by means of the theory of sensitivity. After calculated the torsional vibration dynamic characteristics of original shafts of a torsional vibration stand that simulates the real shafts of 300MW turbine-generator, the dynamic modification for the torsional vibration natural frequency is carried out by the sensitivity analysis method, which makes the first-five natural frequencies of torsional vibration of the stand is very close to the design object. It is proved that the sensitivity analysis method can be used to the dynamic adjustment and optimal design of real shafts of turbine-generator.

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