What I invented is a method on how to use gravitational and buoyant forces and generate multiple times more energy than energy is spent. In another words, generated energy is greater then spent energy. Even though this is considered as not possible with today’s scientific knowledge, I have experimentally proved it on miniature prototype I’ve made and tested. The measurement on my miniature prototype shows that generated energy is greater than energy we have to spend in order to produce energy. This method may provide as much energy as we want at any point on Planet Earth. There will be no need to burn gas or any other material in order to produce energy, as it is today. All energy needs anywhere in the World will be provided using this method. Today we use gasoline or other material to burn in order to produce energy. Ultimately, using this method to generate energy pollution and other environmental problems will be significantly reduced or even eliminated. The biggest obstacle with this method is to convince other people to believe that my claim is feasible in practice. Even though, I’ve made and tested prototype to prove my claim, still resistance and disbelieve exist. Reason for disbelieve is that my method violates existing First Law of Thermodynamic and therefore is considered as not possible. The method is very simple, but in order to generate significant amount of energy Multiplier Device must be quite a massive. Size of the Device is in direct proportion with energy wanted to generate. For example, Device should be about 30 feet high and 9 feet in diameter in order to produce about 5000 J/sec, which is to have power about 5kWatts. Yes, I’ve made much smaller Device to prove the feasibility of my method, by measurement and calculation. To make Energy Multiplier Device operational without any energy from outside, the size of the Device must be much greater. How the World will benefit from this project? First, this method of energy generation will allow to produce as much energy as we want at any point on Planet Earth, at least theoretically. Amount of energy produced using this method is in direct proportion with the dimensions. If we are able to make Device with unlimited height, the Device will be able to produce unlimited amount of energy. The method produces 100% clean energy, so the benefits will be: – to eliminate burning any material to produce energy; – to eliminate CO2 generation, main reason for climate change (global warming); – to significantly reduce air pollution, if not eliminate; – to eliminate environmental problems; – To provide enough energy for unlimited use; – to provide energy independence for any entity, Country, State, Household, etc; – other benefits are up to your imaginations. By the way, this project has been selected for oral presentation at World Renewable Energy Congress, Florence, Italy, 19–25 August 2006.

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